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Monday, July 30, 2018

Theme Thunder Drop by Gourav Sonawane for YoWhatsApp & Fouad WhatsApp

Download Theme Thunder Drop for Yo WhatsApp Fouad WhatsApp & B58 WhatsApp by Gourav Sonawane - Tema for #YoWA #FMWA #FouadWA #B58WA

Theme Thunder Drop for YoWhatsApp How to Download :-
-->> Move Below and You Will Find a Number of Download Links Written in Red Color With Download Link 1, Download Link 2 etc.
-->> Click on Any of the Link Which You Find Suitable for You and Download Your Theme

What Other's are Downloading :-
-->> Theme Paus for GBWhatsapp by Dimas Fana
-->> Theme Blue Paisaje for YoWhatsApp by Sebastian Gutierrez
How to Apply Theme on Yo WhatsApp and Mods Based on it :-
Requirements :-
1. Yo WhatsApp
2. Zip or Rar File of the Downloades Theme

How to Apply :-
1. Download the Theme You Want to Apply on YoWhatsApp
2. Extract the Zip or Rar File and You Will Get an xml File of the Theme
3. Now Open YoWhatsApp and Select YoMods From the Options
4. Now Enter YoThemes Section
5. Now Select Load Theme
6. Now Select the Folder Where xml File of Your Theme is Placed
7. Select Your xml File and It Will be Applied Automatically
8. If the Wallpaper of the Theme is Not Applies Automatically, Just Go to Any Chat and Select Wallpaper From the Options and Apply it Manually. When You Extract the Zip or Rar File of the Theme, You Get the Wallpaper too.
9. Congrats You are All Set Now. Enjoy!!

Download Link 1 ( ZippyShare )

Download Link 2 ( TinyUpload )

Download Link 3 ( DataFileHost )

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If You Want Your Theme to be Published on Our Website, Then Send Zip File of Your Theme to Our Email and the Email Should Contain these things :-
1. Your Name -
2. Theme Name -
3. Name of the Mod for Which You Have Made the Theme -
4. Zip / Rar File With 3 Screenshots of the Theme

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